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No toilet paper in the stall? WonderSpray’s portable bidet comes to the rescue

Once you use a bidet, your bathroom experience is forever changed. No one ever quite forgets that gentle, refreshing butt shower. It’s just a shame you can’t take it with you when you travel. Or can you? WonderSpray wants to revolutionize the way Americans clean up after using the bathroom with their portable bidet.

The product is now available through Kickstarter for an early bird price of $65. WonderSpray has several interesting features, including an antibacterial coating around the nozzle head. This helps prevent any bacteria that might splash back onto the device from taking hold. It also has four adjustable spray pressure settings to help you find exactly the right level of force to get you clean.

You also control the temperature of the water, so you don’t have to worry about getting a splash of icy water where the sun doesn’t shine. It can be as warm or as cool as you like it, no matter where you are. The WonderSpray works under the same premise as other bidets. After all, toilet paper isn’t the cleanest method in the world; it tends to spread rather than truly clean.  For a truly sanitary clean, you need water, not paper.

The WonderSpray holds up to 175 milliliters of water, but it’s easy to refill when needed. It also uses USB for charging, so you can quickly power up the device between uses. WonderSpray aims to solve several problems at once. While it reduces the amount of toilet paper you use on a daily basis (and according to WonderSpray, people spend more than $6 billion each year just on toilet paper), it also gives you a way to clean yourself up in locations where there may be no toilet paper, or less than desirable toilet paper. Sketchy truck stop bathrooms, anyone?

As with any Kickstarter and crowdfunded projects, you should know that pledging funds is not a guarantee of production or delivery. On the other hand, if WonderSpray meets its pledge goals and begins producing the device, it could be a useful, discreet way to address a rather personal issue that people would much rather take care of than talk about: Hiney hygiene.

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