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Looking to create custom textiles? WOVNS combines fashion and tech

wovns textile  customizable on demand woven textiles
For those of us truly looking to make a fashion statement, we know that it’s about more than a cut, a hemline, or a zipper placement. Really, it has to start with the source — the textile itself. And now, for anyone looking to make a piece of clothing as unique as him or herself, there’s WOVNS, “a platform that empowers everyone to create their own woven textiles.”

This isn’t digital printing, friends. Rather, this platform lets you weave a design into the fabric’s construction, giving way to material that promises to be “rich in both color and texture.” So whether you’re looking to create a one-of-a-kind dress, pillow, or bag, you may want to consider starting with WOVNS.

From home-grown designers to industry pros, WOVNS promises that just about anyone can “turn their digital designs into custom Jacquard-woven fabric, in quantities as small as a single yard.” The platform connects users to U.S. textile manufacturers who make use of industry-standard Jacquard looms — simply create your design, order the custom fabric, then make your own unique product.

Based in San Francisco and Maui, WOVNS describes itself as a textile studio and technology platform that aims to place textile production in the hands of  designers. Customers are able to access a wide selection of colors and qualities, use them in their own designs, and then watch as their imagination comes to life in fabric form.

“In the era of digital fabrication platforms, desktop 3D printers and milling machines, our goal is to revolutionize textile production, creating access and immediacy for woven textile development,” the company says.

WOVNS recently launched on Kickstarter, where the small team has already nearly reached its $18,000 goal, with over three weeks still to go. As a result of the campaign, the company hopes to be able to expand its fabric qualities and color palettes, “beyond offering custom fabric yardage, to allow for the creation of your own woven products, develop and deploy design and simulation tools on the WOVNS platform,” and perhaps most importantly, establish the “much needed support” for the maintenance of the platform.

So don’t settle for just a custom design — make it completely your own with a textile bounded only by your creativity.

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