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Tight budget? Wyze Cam Spotlight is irresistibly priced under $50

Wyze continues to impress with its low-cost, budget offerings, and the new Wyze Cam Spotlight is no exception at the irresistible price of under $50. This bundle combines the Wyze Cam v3 with the Wyze Spotlight to take full advantage of the camera’s Starlight CMOS Sensor. While it can already provide clear details in near-pitch-black conditions, a little bit of light helps it provide color. Combined with a spotlight, the Wyze Cam v3 can provide clear, full-color details of anything on camera. The spotlight also draws more attention to the area and makes your home a far less appealing target for thieves. After all, burglars aren’t fond of the limelight.

This device consists of the Wyze Cam v3 and the Wyze Cam Spotlight, but the combined features of these two devices are what make this bundle so appealing. They include a miniature siren that can be used to frighten away intruders (or, as Wyze points out, to startle pesky animals like squirrels), two-way communication through the Wyze App, and IP65 weather resistance. This level of resistance means you can place the camera anywhere indoors or out, provided you don’t want to mount it at the bottom of a fountain.

Wyze Cam Spotlight mounted outdoors.

Wyze provides free 14-day rolling cloud storage. The oldest videos will be deleted to make room for newer content. If you want to record continuously, you can use a MicroSD card slot to record locally. Motion sensors trigger the spotlight and automatically start recording through the camera. You can also combine these sensors with Wyze Rules to create specific triggers, schedules, and routines. Integrating your Wyze Cam Spotlight into your overall smart home system means you can trigger your smart lights to come on if motion is detected, or you can trigger indoor cameras to begin recording if motion is detected outside.

The Wyze Cam Spotlight is essentially the Wyze Cam v3 with a high-powered spotlight positioned on top. The Wyze Cam Spotlight has an MSRP of $50 and ships for free. Cam Plus members can shave a few dollars off that price. If you want to keep a better eye on things around your home at night, the Wyze Cam Spotlight is a budget-friendly option.

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