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Know who’s at the door even if you aren’t there yourself with the Xchime

Xchime Doorbell: Watch your home from your phone
You don’t have to answer your door to know who’s there. Not if you have the Xchime Video Doorbell. The connected device features a 1080 HD live video camera to connect you directly to your visitors via your smartphone, tablet, or computer. So even if you’re not at home, you can take care of business.

The weather-resistant doorbell is motion-activated. If you’re away on vacation, you can track activity at your doorstep by reviewing all live and recorded footage from the Xchime directly from the companion app. You can also protect your home from intruders using the doorbell’s smart light integration — whenever it detects someone in the frame, it can turn on a light inside your home, making would-be burglars believe that there might be someone at home.

While there are a number of smart doorbells on the market, the Xchime claims to differentiate itself with a compendium of features and a more accessible price point. Not only does it feature a few standard features that all its competitors (like Ring Pro, Skybell HD, and August) offer, including two-way audio, video communication, night vision, wide-view angle, and video live-view, it also stands apart in a few ways. For example, Xchime is one of the only doorbells on the market to promise to operate in a wide temperature range, feature a garage-door integration, employ latency-free streaming, and come with a dual power supply. Plus, it costs under $130.

That price tag, of course, is only good for backers on Indiegogo who take advantage of this “earliest bird” pricing. Included in this package is the Xchime Video Doorbell, a mounting bracket, and an installation toolkit. Thus far, Xchime has raised over $54,000, more than double its initial funding goal, and there are still over two weeks in the campaign. If you choose to pre-order now, delivery is estimated for August 2017.

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