XM In On Deck Circle for 2006 MLB Coverage

XM Satellite Radio yesterday talked about their plans for Major League Baseball coverage for the coming season. Also announced was a new broadcaster joining the ranks of the satellite radio provider’s dedicated MLB talk station known as MLB Home Plate.

Besides the on-going World Baseball Classic and Spring Training coverage, said XM, they will be broadcasting live play-by-play coverage of games for every MLB team throughout the season, which begins on April 2. Joining the MLB Home Plate Team this season is former major leaguer Orestes Destrade, who will co-host MLB Home Plate’s popular morning program “Baseball This Morning” with Mark Patrick and Buck Martinez.

“Major League Baseball is the premier radio sport, and with XM, you can hear every team, all season long, from Opening Day to the World Series,” said Eric Logan, executive vice president of programming, XM Satellite Radio, in a statement. “Baseball fans have grown up listening to games on the radio, and now we can hear games from all across the country on XM radios, whether we’re in the car, at home, or at the ballpark. XM started carrying MLB games last year as part of an 11-year agreement, and the popularity of MLB on XM has helped make us the number-one satellite radio company with more than 6 million subscribers.”