Hey, baby, what’s your size? A smart tape measure promises you’ll always know

There are many online clothing retailers that offer free returns. It’s party because it can be hard to judge a garment’s clothing and texture from a photo, but often people send back their purchases because whatever they bought simply doesn’t fit. Sizes aren’t standard across companies, let alone countries. Many retailers offer conversion charts that translate “Size 4” or “Small” into a series of numbers, but unless you’re stacked like a brick house (“36, 24, 36”), you might not necessarily have your measurements committed to memory.

XYZE, which is pronounced “size” and not like “examine your zipper,” wants to take the guesswork out of online shopping. It recently launched On, its smart measuring tape on Indiegogo. The device promises to accurately measure you tip to hips with its 63-inch (160-centimeter) loop of tape and then transmit the data via Bluetooth to your smartphone. It’s powered by a three-volt battery that lasts at least two years.

The XYZE app, soon available for Android and iOS, shows you the proper way to take your measurements. These are saved as your XYZE ID; an algorithm calculates the ratio between your numbers and brands’ sizes, so you don’t have to figure out if you’re still a “Medium” from one store to the next. XYZE is also hoping retailers will embrace its system and integrate it into their websites to make it even easier for On users to find their sizes.

The company is hoping to raise over $68,000 (€60,000) and to start shipping the On in July. Early birds can get one for about $45 (€39), plus $51 (€45) shipping to the U.S. Once those are gone, the On goes up in price to $67 (€59). It would take quite a few returned shirts before the On pays for itself.