Yahoo! Goes Green With Earth Day Site

Yahoo!, in commemoration of Earth Day tomorrow, today unveiled a new micro site geared at helping people take simple steps to slow climate change. The Yahoo! Earth Day site is geared for use not only tomorrow, but will contain information for beyond as well.

The Yahoo! Earth Day micro site, said the portal, offers a list of ten “simple actions” readers can do for earth-friendly living and is part of Yahoo! For Good, the company’s community relations initiative. The site also draws tips and resources from other places across the Yahoo! network and beyond for content. Examples of this include Yahoo! Autos, which puts the spotlight on alternative fuel sources and hybrid car models, Yahoo! Video Search, which helps viewers find video clips and short films related to climate change, and Flickr, where users can view and leave comments for a collection of Earth Day-related photos.

“The potential consequences of climate change are so sobering that it’s difficult to imagine how individual actions can make any impact,” said Meg Garlinghouse, director of Yahoo! For Good, the company’s community relations initiative, in a statement. “We are hopeful that Yahoo!’s Earth Day campaign will illustrate that if we act as a global community, together we can make a difference. We encourage citizens everywhere to embrace our collective responsibility to protect the earth for future generations.”