Yellow Jacket: The iPhone case that doubles as a stun gun

yellow jacket the iphone case that doubles as a stun gun

Things have reached new heights when it comes to iPhone cases and personal safety. If you were a fan of the SmartGuard iPhone case that features a pepper spray canister, you might also be a fan of the Yellow Jacket. This iPhone case comes equipped with a 650K-volt stun gun that could be used to save your life in dangerous situations… as long as you use it properly.

As part of an Indiegogo project, creators Seth Froom and Sean Simone say they aim to create the “world’s first smartphone defense case.” For some perspective, the average personal stun gun voltage can range anywhere between 100 to 775K volts, so this case would be on the higher end of power.

Still, does the idea of putting a stun gun next to your face every time you pick up a call sound ideal to you? The project understands your concerns — which is why the case contains a safety rotational cap and switch to prevent accidental charges.

“In less than a second, a user can disable these safety mechanisms by moving the switch forward, rotating the cap downward and then be ready to press the activation button to fire the electrodes and be prepared to confront an assailant,” Froom writes. Froom is a former U.S. army soldier and Military Police who has extensive knowledge of multiple weapons systems.

Of course, since the case packs its own stun gun, the bulkiness is as minimized as a case can get. With the Yellow Jacket on your iPhone, the device becomes 1-inch thicker and about 3/8 of an inch is added in height. With your phone attached, it will also weight approximate eight ounces. When you are not using the stun gun feature, the case also works as an extra battery pack that can provide up to 20 hours of additional life. Unfortunately, while the case can help protect against accidental drops and scratches, it is not water-resistant. Be wary of using your iPhone in the rain with this one, folks.

Since stun guns are not legal in all states and some foreign countries, not every consumer will be able to enjoy this odd device. The Indiegogo project still has a long way to go with $7,746 raised out of the $100,000 goal and 19 days left in the game — but makers say they do plan to produce the ship the item by September. To ensure you get a Yellow Jacket case, you’ll need to contribute $85 now or pay $100 once it’s out on the market.

Watch the video introducing the Yellow Jacket below. What do you think of an iPhone case that doubles as a stun gun (and battery pack)? Is the concept too extreme, or rather helpful?