Yes, You Can Be Bugs

Yes, You Can Be Bugs

Have you ever wanted to be Bugs Bunny? Porky Pig? Yogi Bear? Now you have your chance – at least online.

Warner Brothers Entertainment is rolling out a new multimedia site called T-Works where people can play the part of their favorite Warner Bros., Looney Tunes, Hanna-Barbera and DC Comics characters. It will be the first time all the varied characters have come together on a single site.

Coming next spring, the company claims that the site will offer "unparalleled levels of interaction for the broadest appeal, from watching originally produced and classic library episodes online and playing games to customizing characters and exploring virtual worlds." 

Supported by ads, the Web site will have over 100 online games, along with classic cartoons, a video mashup tool for those who wish to remix their own toons, as well as a section for kids.

Users will be able to customize the cartoon characters and make avatars they can export to their pages on social networking sites.

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