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Real estate site Zillow shows off the inside of Santa’s cozy North Pole home

To help ring in the holiday season in style — and to the delight of children everywhere — the real estate website Zillow now allows people to take a whimsical photographic journey through the North Pole-based home of Santa Claus. Situated on 25 acres, the listing for Mr. and Mrs. Claus’ festive residence depicts a rather cozy looking cabin that’s (unsurprisingly) decked out in a whole lot of red.

Valued at a reasonable $656,957 — even after a remodel in 2013 — it appears Kris Kringle’s not only living in style but doing so in a rather economical fashion.

Described by Zillow as a “toy-lover’s paradise,” Santa’s humble abode was built way back in 1822 by old-growth timber foraged from the build site. Though it’s classic in style, the home does feature a slew of contemporary upgrades such as a modern kitchen and an upgraded, wood-burning fireplace. The kitchen oven features an astounding 12 different cookie settings, as one would expect. A playful attempt to personify a holiday tradition celebrated by millions, the ability to see how Santa’s living is a fun way for families to feel some Christmas spirit.

“Santa’s home in the North Pole is one of the most famous homes in the world, so we’re thrilled it’s now on Zillow,” said Zillow chief marketing officer, Jeremy Wacksman, in a companion press release. “Millions of kids are looking forward to a visit from Santa this year, and now they have the opportunity to virtually visit Santa’s house themselves.”

In addition to peeking at Kris Kringle’s digs, kids also have the ability to track Santa’s movements on Christmas Eve using Norad’s official Santa Tracker directly on the Zillow site. The tracker shows which stops Santa makes on his grand December 25 journey, allowing those tuning in to find out when exactly he’ll be making a stop in their town.

“We track Santa as he makes his journey around the world every holiday season and ensure he returns home safely,” added Preston Schlachter, spokesperson for NORAD Tracks Santa. “Santa puts a lot of miles on his sleigh delivering gifts all over the country and we’re excited to partner with Zillow this holiday season to give families around the world a behind the scenes look at Santa’s home base.”

A touch ridiculous? Perhaps, but you can’t fault a company for desiring a way to connect with potential customers and leverage the feeling of the holidays.

Rick Stella
Former Digital Trends Contributor
Rick became enamored with technology the moment his parents got him an original NES for Christmas in 1991. And as they say…
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