How to declutter your apartment

How to declutter your apartment

In today’s cramped apartment living there is nothing more important than decluttering until you have only the absolute essentials taking up the precious little space you have. While our great-grandparents experienced the thrill of filling their three-bedroom homes with heavy-duty dishwashers and dryers and ovens, these days having a comfortable apartment is all about learning how to do more with less, by cutting waste and saving space.

Which leads us to the new Keurig® K-Mini™ single serve coffee maker, the sleeker and slimmer offspring of the original device that made it possible to have high-quality cups of coffee in minutes. At less than 13 centimetres wide, this coffee maker can squeeze in just about anywhere, making it the perfect appliance for someone who likes to keep a clean kitchen and has limited counter space.  For those of us who can barely slither out from under the sheets in the mornings without a caffeine kick and the smell of freshly brewed coffee, the K-Mini™ coffee maker will also fit comfortably on a bedside table. Plus, its new cord storage will prevent it from getting tangled with your phone/laptop charger.

The greatest appeal of all Keurig® coffee makers is the simplicity of pouring water in the reservoir, popping in your favourite K-Cup® pod and pressing the brew button. Not having to measure the right amount of grounds per cup or endure the head-splitting sound of a coffee grinder at 7AM are also huge pluses. The new K-Mini® coffee maker makes anywhere perfect for great coffee and the process more straightforward with a one-cup water reservoir that will fill any cup from 177 to 355 millilitres. Just fill up your favourite mug with water, pour it into the water reservoir, drop in your favourite brew, press the round button on top, and embrace the day.

Speaking of preventing things from getting tangled up, the InkoTimes Bamboo Wooden Charging Station is putting the mess of power strips and twisted charging cables at your bedside to shame. This handmade organizing tool is designed to hold four devices (including up to three tablets) and a 6-port charger that slips into a hidden compartment, taking all of the unnecessary cable with it. There is even a specially designed smartwatch charging station so that the snooze button is never hard to find first thing in the morning. Nothing makes a bedroom look more adult than a tidy bedside table and the bamboo is pretty easy on the eyes as well.

Moving into the living room, it can be infuriating trying to figure out how to make your collection of cable boxes and remotes under the TV not look like an exploded cyborg. Fortunately there are the ultra-portable Roku® Streaming Sticks that connect your TV directly to the Internet- no boxes necessary. Now you can indulge in weekend-long binges on Netflix, Hulu and other streaming services literally with the push of a button. The Streaming Stick is also voice-operated and has a headphone port, so you can get things done around the house with your free hands without missing out on what’s happening in the season finale. That being said, the best part about the Roku® Streaming Sticks is that you can use them with just about any TV so long as you have an internet connection, so you never have to say goodbye to your favourite characters when you go on trips.

Of course, even the most decluttered home will still have dust and dirt piling up in frustrating places like under the coffee table and along the edges of the carpet. Now that we live in the future two things are clear: we will probably never be able to do away with vacuums, and, robots can help take care of the things we don’t want to do. Which is where the Eufy RoboVacs comes in. At just over 7 centimeters tall, these compact vacuums are easier to store than even some of the handheld vacuums and, at 1300Pa in suction power, much more powerful. While you focus on washing the dishes or sorting the laundry, you can have your new robot friend eat up the dust bunnies in your living room with its dual side brushes. Side note: the RoboVacs double as excellent babysitters for cats, who have never had a better moving throne.

We have never had so many tools at our disposal, but it takes more than an array of handy new toys to keep a clean apartment. Downsizing on some appliances and picking the right new ones for the jobs you want to prioritize can make it much easier to both declutter your home and prevent messes from growing in the first place. While we can’t promise any changes to your cleaning habits, arming yourself with a robot vacuum, a streaming stick, a device charging station, and a Keurig K-Mini™ coffee maker will give you an extra edge over the clutter, so you can sit back and enjoy your freshly brewed coffee.