How To Shoot Home Video Like the Pros


We can’t all have Scorsese budgets when shooting our next video masterpiece. But with a new compact Sony HD Action Cam and these quick tips, you can create home movies up to 4K quality, and share a little Hollywood production value of your own:

Shoot remotely.
Work from both sides of the camera with Sony’s Live view remote. Start and stop the action from a remote record button and keep an eye on  your own performance – in real time. On-site playback and quick edit options let you cut whatever you don’t like on the fly, and save space for all the perfect shots to come.

Steady your lens.
The difference between amateur and professional looking movies can sometimes come down to how steady you keep the camera. While erratic and shaky cam footage can be unsettling and distracting, the same scene, locked down, becomes all about subject at hand. Especially in action scenes. Luckily, the Sony HD Action Cam comes with SteadyShot that compensates for motion and allows for crystal clear action scenes. Pick the type of activity you’ll be shooting and Sony can recommend the perfect mount.

Lighting is key..
Shooting in low-light or even over-saturated light is often the death-knoll of home movies. Our cameras can reduce the effects of backlighting, but it’s always best when shooting in natural light to make sure the sun is behind you and facing your subject. And cover every angle. You can always adjust lighting, colours and edits in post.

Frame your shot.
Wide shots may help to establish a setting, but they often lack the details that make the story and capture your audience. Find the little things that take us into the experience you’re having. Focus in on the unexpected close ups and even consider framing them in your own, unique perspective – off-center or on an angle.

Plan for backup.
You can never have enough battery life or memory storage for those epic shoots. Always have back-up batteries on hand, as well as memory cards and drives to keep some of that 11th hour footage. And always back up what you’ve shot. Because once you get into editing, you can’t recreate the memories you no longer have in the hard drive.

Less effects.
Unless you’re a professional, camera effects won’t make your video any better looking. In fact, they just get in the way. Any effects you can create on camera, can also be created in post. So get your shot with Sony’s incredible 4K picture quality and if you still want your effects, add them in the edit. That way, you’ll always have the original footage.