Getting the Most out of Your iPod: Accessories

The most popular digital music player is Apple’s iPod. Aside from being a wonderful music player and having lots of great features, the iPod has a whole lineup of accessories ready to be tapped into. With everything from FM tuners to cases, we’ll make sure you know what to add on to your iPod for the most enjoyable audio experience ever! Here are the Top 10 most interesting, useful, and creative iPod accessories.

iKitty by Speck Products   Speck Products iKitty  

Perhaps you’re a cat lover or know someone who is. What kookier way to show them you care about their furry feline friend and digital audio player than the iKitty? This little guy stands about six inches tall and has a bendable tail, with cute little cat ears that perk up because he knows you have good taste in audio! iKitty doesn’t just look good, though; he’s also a very durable case that will keep your entire iPod scratch-free and protected from the elements. Available for All iPod models excluding iPod Shuffle and 5G iPod Video. Speck Products Website, $24.95 USD

iTrip by Griffin   Griffin iTrip  

Lots of people get their music intake while driving to work in their cars, but not everyone can afford a new Mercedes S Class with iPod integration. With Griffin’s iTrip, your iPod can now stream its tunes over your 1957 Chevy’s stereo system with awesome sound quality. For those who aren’t good with cables and stereos, the iTrip also is the perfect way to get your music onto the old kitchen clock radio in a quick, easy fashion. A must-have for those not looking to rip apart a car stereo to listen to their iPod in the car. Available for iPod Photo, 3G, 4G iPods, iPod Mini, iPod Utwo Special Edition. Griffin Technology Website, $24.95 USD

iShirt by PodShirt     PodShirt iShirt  

What’s that, you say? You’re a huge fan of the iPod ads where people dance in black shadow form? Well, now you too can join the party with iShirt! iShirt creatively spells out the word "iShirt" using your iPod Shuffle as the lowercase letter i. It uses a magnet to hold your Shuffle firmly in place so that it doesn’t go flying off whilst you dance the jitterbug. Comes in all kinds of sizes to fit all kinds of iPod lovers. Available for iPod Shuffle only. Podshirt Website, $28,95 USD

MixPod by Phonic    Vinyl is dead! Long live the iPod! Lots of clubs and bars in cities around the world are starting to introduce iPod DJing to the masses. With tons of songs readilyavailable in one small, portable device, it makes perfect sense why even top DJs are using iPods. The MixPod from Phonic is packed with tons of great features like USB 2.0 connectivity, Phono andLine inputs, full-mixing capabilities, and a lot more. The price is right and you’ll never have to worry about breaking a $50 needle or cartridge ever again. Embrace the digital era of music and getyour next party started with your iPod in a stylish and easy way. Compatible with iPod models later than 3G. Phonic Website, $199.95 USD 

  iSkin iPod Case by iSkin
  iSkin iSkin iPod Case   The iPod is not just a great music player; it’s also an expensive one. You should protect your investment carefully with a great case. The iSkin line of cases is both tough and durable, to ensure your iPod keeps working until the end. The iSkin comes in a plethora of colors and designs to fit every user’s style. From tie-dye to cartoon designs, there will be plenty of cool colors for you to choose from. This is a must-have investment for any iPod owner looking to keep theirs intact. Available for All iPod models. iSkin Website, $19.99     MicroMemo by XtremeMac     MicroMemo by XtremeMac   For those of you always needing to keep a mental note of things, this is a great accessory. MicroMemo is a simple little microphone attachment that plugs into your spankin’ new iPod Video via the 3.5mm jack. No batteries are required, either, because the MicroMemo works entirely off of the iPod’s battery. You can then record voice notes in crystal-clear quality, reminding yourself that you should buy another iPod Video! Available only for 5G iPod Video. Xtreme Mac Website, $79.95 USD     SoundDock Digital Music System by Bose     Bose SoundDock  

Your iPod holds your entire digital music collection so easily, so why not take full advantage of it? Bose has finally let that happen with their SoundDock speaker system for the iPod. Just dock your iPod and use the included remote to browse through your digital audio. As expected, you’ll be blown away by the Bose-quality sound that will make any song come to life in true form. Available for all iPods excluding Shuffle. Bose Website, $299.99 USD

    iPod Battery Pack by Belkin Belkin iPod Battery Pack  

iPod batteries will eventually yield the problematic trend of most rechargeable batteries: Depreciation and loss of power. When your iPod isn’t holding as much juice as it did right of the box, it’s time to pick up an iPod Battery Pack from Belkin. A very clean and simple design, this battery pack uses AA batteries to add up to an additional 15 hours of audio pleasure to your ears when your iPod runs out of juice. A great way to keep your music going when you know you won’t be near a charger any time soon. Available for all iPods 3G and up excluding Shuffle and Nano. Belkin Website, $49.99

    Tetran by Tunewear   Tunewear Tetran 

One of the coolest iPod accessories has to be the Tetran earbud winder from Tunewear. This little guy is a spiky alien who is dying to eat up your iPod earbuds. Instead of getting your nice earbuds all tangled up, why not wrap them around his spikes and pop the buds into his mouth for storage? A great gift for someone with an iPod who is a fun-loving kid at heart. The Tetran comes in a bunch of fun colors, too! Available for any iPod set of earbuds. Tunewear Website, $12.95 USD

    iPod Socks by Apple   Apple iPod Socks  

Ending our list with a flash of color is the official iPod Sock from Apple. These socks come in a set with all six colors for $29 from Apple. They’re designed to keep your iPod nice and cozy on a cold winter day and to protect it from the weather when outside. You can also use the socks to color-coordinate with whatever outfit you happen to be wearing. You go, fashion superstar. Available for any iPod. Apple Website, $29 USD