How to Save Money on Your Cell Phone Bill

Cell Phone Bill

Many mobile phone users pay for minutes they don’t need while others pay unnecessary overage fees because they underestimated their actual usage. Service charges can rack up quickly, so even small steps can make a big difference when it comes to your cellular bill.

step-1Pay as you go. Pay as you go plan ensure that you don’t pay for more minutes than you need and also keep you from having to worry about those dreaded overage charges. Check out our comparison of the top pay as you go services.


step-2Examine your bill. Service providers love to sneak extra charges into your bill. Make sure you look it over, especially if your account is setup to pay automatically each month.


step-3Shop around. Don’t be loyal to your phone company. Shop around for the best deal each time your contract is up. The cellular service industry is very competitive so there are bound to be some good deals out there if you take the time to search.


step-4Correctly estimate your usage. If you’re a big time minutes user, make sure you get a plan with enough minutes, even an unlimited plan if needed. Paying a little more up-front for extra minutes or texts will save you money down the road if you can avoid the costly overage fees for overusing.


step-5Text Alerts. Many carriers will send you text alerts when you are getting close to running over your minutes. If you don’t like to countdown your minutes an easy reminder like this can save you from going over your allotment.