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A smartphone sitting on a wooden table, showing the Gmail app's inbox on its screen.

How to find archived emails in Gmail and return them to your inbox

If you’ve sent your Gmail messages to the archive and now have no idea where they went, here's how to access them and even return them back to your inbox.
Razer Blade (2018) using keyboard

How to type symbols and letters with accent marks

You may not know it, but there are a slew of symbols and characters that you can type with keyboard shortcuts. Here's how to type them in Windows 10 or MacOS.
Image of new Safari features for MacOS Monterey.

How to use tab groups in Safari

With the new changes to Safari, you can now create tab groups for easier browsing management. Here's how tab groups work and how you can quickly set them up.
ring video doorbell pro 2 vs 3 plus

How to make your Ring Video Doorbell play holiday chimes

Looking to spruce up your home for the holidays? Why not use smart technology and enable Ring Doorbell holiday chimes. Here's how to do it.
Promotional art for Pokémon GO.

How to play Pokémon GO

There has never been a better time to start playing Pokémon Go. Here's everything you need to know before jumping into the popular mobile AR game.
Call of Duty Mobile download banner.

How to play Call of Duty: Mobile on PC

If your PC isn't up to the task of running Call of Duty: Warzone, playing Call of Duty: Mobile on your PC is the next best thing. There's an emulator for that.
The OTs 9 in Call of Duty: Warzone.

How to unlock the OTs 9 in Call of Duty: Warzone

The new OTs 9 SMG is here in Warzone, and it's a blast to use. In this guide, we'll go through all the methods of unlocking it across Warzone and Cold War.
Xcloud loading screen.

How to access Xcloud on mobile devices

Looking to jump into Xcloud but not sure where to start? Our guide here has everything you'll need to start utilizing Microsoft's new cloud gaming service.
Character shooting in Fortnite.

Fortnite chapter 3 guide: Season 1, week 2 quests and how to complete them

Having trouble getting through the new Fortnite chapter 3, season 1, week 2 quests? Here are all the new quests and how to complete them in Fortnite chapter 3.
xbox one

How to factory reset an Xbox One

When giving away your old hardware or fixing a technical issue, sometimes you need to give your Xbox One a clean slate. Here's how to factory reset an Xbox One.
best survival games minecraft game

How to get Minecraft for free

It might surprise you to find out that Minecraft isn't a free-to-play title. However, you can access a demo of the game on PC or play a 2009 version for free.

How to record a WhatsApp call on Android or iOS

For a variety of reasons, you may one day find yourself needing to record a WhatsApp call. We've put together a simple guide for the best ways to do just that.
Gifts in Fortnite.

How to gift in Fortnite

You can gift your Fortnite friends cosmetic items like skins, pickaxes, gliders, and battle passes -- but be careful of Epic Games' strict gifting restrictions.
note 9 weather

How to disable the Bixby button

Samsung has made huge improvements to the Bixby assistant in the past year, but a dedicated button can be intrusive. We show you how to disable or reassign it.
Playstation 4

How to use a VPN with your PlayStation 4

Using a VPN on your PS4 will allow you to browse region-locked content and take on players from around the world. Setting one up, however, takes some work.

How to play Minecraft multiplayer

Setting up a multiplayer game in Minecraft is a simple process, but it varies slightly based on which platform you're using and the location of other players.
Stock photo of man using laptop

How to use WhatsApp on your desktop or laptop

If you have to be away from your phone for hours at a time but don't want to be separated from your WhatsApp chat sessions, it's easy to use it on your desktop.
eve 5 officially launches indiegogo campaign laptop 03

How to convert a PDF to JPG

Sometimes an image is just easier to work with, and one of the best image formats you can use is JPG. This guide will teach you how to convert a PDF to JPG.
Echo 4th Gen

Ditch the wire: Unlock wireless surround sound with Amazon Echo speakers

Did you know you can use your Echo speaker as a home theater companion? Here's a guide to creating an Echo surround system and three configurations you can try.
how to connect bluetooth headphones a ps4 gold headset

How to connect Bluetooth headphones to a PS4

Cut the cord and relinquish that wired lifestyle with this quick primer on how to connect your Bluetooth headphones (or any other Bluetooth device) to a PS4.
iPhone passwords

How to save passwords on an iPhone

Learn how to turn on AutoFill for Safari, along with how to use Apple Keychain on your iPhone and other Apple devices.
optical discs

How to rip a Blu-ray or DVD

If you're trying to ditch physical discs, we've got you covered. Here, we outline how to rip a DVD or Blu-ray and convert it into a digital file.
Xbox One X review both

How to transfer your Xbox One data

It's easy to move your games, apps, and settings to a new Xbox One console, even without an external hard drive. Here's how to transfer your Xbox One data.
how to play fortnite on ps4

How to play Fortnite on PS4

Fortnite is one of the biggest games in the world, and in this helpful guide, we'll walk you through getting the game installed onto your PS4, step by step.
iPhone 12 Mini

How to clear ‘Other’ storage on an iPhone

If your iPhone’s storage has been consumed by content mysteriously labeled as Other, we’ll show you how to take care of it and reclaim your device’s space.
animal crossing new horizons how to get ladder

How to get a ladder in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Some areas of your island are above sea level. Here's how to craft the ladder in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. It all starts with Tom Nook and earning miles.
HBO Max Home Theater TV

How to delete an HBO Max user profile

HBO Max is a robust service, with plenty of great content. If you need to delete a user profile to make room for another, here's how to do so.

How to install Minecraft Forge

Minecraft Forge lets you quickly install mods to a specific Minecraft profile without having to be a tech-savvy wizard. Here's how the modding software works.
Minecraft Fill your Map

How to make a map in Minecraft

For a digital realm, Minecraft can be a big place. Use the infinite world type and the terrain stretches on forever. Here's how to make a map in Minecraft.
Switch Animal Crossing

How to connect Joy-Cons to the Nintendo Switch Lite

The Nintendo Switch Lite doesn't come with detachable Joy-Cons, but you can still use them to play your favorite games. This guide will show you how to do that.
Xbox One S

How to redeem an Xbox One code

Redeeming a code on your Xbox One is easy thanks to an array of different options for doing so. Here's how, whether you want to use an app or your browser.
PlayStation 4 bundle

How to delete games on a PS4

PS4 games eat up storage space quickly. Here's how to delete games on a PS4 and how to reinstall games through a disc or with a download.
Galaxy S21 Plus Notifications.

How to turn off notifications in Android 11 and older

Turn off notifications and stop the spam with these simple instructions for every version of the platform, from the latest Android 11 to Android 4.1 Jelly Bean.
Find my app feature image

How to use the Find My app on your iPhone

Find My is an Apple app and service that lets you locate and track the whereabouts of iOS, iPadOS, MacOS, WatchOS devices, and AirPods and to track friends and family. It replaces and supplements the previous Find My iPhone and Find My Friends apps in the new iOS 13. Here's how to make the most of it.