Hands on: LG UB9800 Ultra HD 4K TV

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Unless you’re ready to sink your teeth (and wallet) into one of LG’s outstanding OLED televisions, the UB9800 Ultra HD 4K series of LED televisions is the company’s best of the best for 2014. Three sizes are available now: a 65-inch for $4500, a 79-inch for $8,000, and a monstrous 84-inch for a monstrously-priced $15,000. Later this year, LG plans to issue an absolutely gargantuan 98-inch version for what we can only assume will be priced equivalent to that of a compact car.

We recently received a 79-inch version of the flagship series for review, and while this isn’t the largest TV we’ve ever reviewed (by less than an inch, mind you) it is certainly one of the most impressive. Despite what the naysayers proclaim, the advantage of Ultra HD’s quadrupled resolution over standard 1080p HD is readily apparent in sizes as low as 65-inches (it’s pretty clear at 55-inches, too). But at 79-inches, you can’t help but be engulfed by its razor-sharp picture, even on upscaled 1080p sources.

We’re still in the midst of our review, but for now we can say the UB9800 offers deadly-accurate color, the best off-angle viewing experience in the market, and very impressive contrast for an LED TV. Check out our video, where we show off the TV in action. Also, be sure to check out our report on LG’s webOS smart TV interface, which we think is a big leap forward for the industry.