Max Payne 3 – Design and Technology series part 5

After four previous Design and Technology episodes we’ve been patiently – sort of – waiting for the one about “Bullet Time.” Because what’s a Max Payne game without bullet time? It’s one of the defining features of the franchise that really drew fans in. Of course, the game kept their attention with its noir story telling and compelling characters. 

Part 5 finally breaks down the changes to bullet time for Max Payne 3 as well as what’s stayed the same. With the upgrades in motion-capture and animation that Rockstar is putting into the game, bullet time looks much more intense and fluid than in previous Max Payne games. One interesting feature that this video discusses is the final kill cam. These moments are saved for when players kill the final enemy in an area. A dramatic, and bloody, kill is shown that changes based on distance, weapon, and movement. Another great part of the kill cam is how players can speed up or slow down the final kill cam at will. We’re sure people will have an inordinate amount of “fun” playing with that feature.

Max Payne 3 forces even more bad luck on the titular hero as he travels to Brazil to deal with another soul-crushing assignment. Death, painkillers, and bullet time all take their toll in the latest story. If you’d like a more in-depth look at the campaign, check out our hands-on preview

Mark May 15 on your calendars — that’s when Max Payne 3 hits store shelves for Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and PC.