Microsoft October 26 Surface Event

Microsoft made bold moves over the last few years, introducing several new devices including the successful Surface Pro and Surface Book. Now the company will build its own all-in-one desktop too, and plans a slew of software updates to make Windows 10 computers better.

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Microsoft could debut transparent Surface Dial sequel at October event

Microsoft's upcoming October Surface event could show off more than just laptops. A new FCC filing suggests Microsoft may also debut a new Surface Dial device, potentially with a transparent center.

Turn your Surface Pro into a cheap Surface Studio with Kensington’s dock

Want a Surface Studio but don’t want to pay the premium price? Kensington has a new docking station built for the cheaper Surface Pro that essentially holds Microsoft’s detachable in an all-in-one-PC-style configuration.

Here’s what we want to see from the Surface Studio 2

Check out our list of the top rumors and wishes for the Surface Studio 2! Microsoft is likely to announce the Studio 2 this year: The iMac competitor first arrived with massive touchscreen and many design-friendly elements, but was severely…

Looking back on 5 years of Surface with the product guru who brought it to life

Digital Trends sat down with Microsoft GM Pete Kyriacou to compare the products Microsoft released then and now. How has the design philosophy changed, and is there really a storage room full of wacky concept prototypes? (Spoiler alert:…
Product Review

Designer or scribbler, you'll fall in love with Microsoft's Surface Studio

Microsoft’s first all-in-one is extravagantly expensive, immensely capable, and beautiful to look at. Does that make it a stand-out all-in-one, or is its price too much to tolerate?

Turn your Surface Pro into a road warrior with these ultra-mobile accessories

Right out of the box the Surface Pro can seem a little barebones, without a keyboard or Surface Pen, it's just a Windows-based tablet. So, here's a list of everything you'll need to get the most out of your new Surface Pro.

Surprise! Microsoft is selling three new Surface-based Bluetooth peripherals

As expected, Microsoft launched three new Surface-branded peripherals: one ergonomic keyboard, one slim keyboard, and a sleek mouse, all based on Bluetooth. They were quietly added to Microsoft store during Wednesday's press event.

Microsoft enables 'Wake on Voice' feature on its Surface Studio all-in-one

One of the features of Intel's sixth-generation Skylake CPUs is what Microsoft calls "Wake on Voice from Modern Standby." and that functionality is now available for the Surface Studio thanks to a new set of drivers.

Microsoft doubles down on 84-inch Surface Hub with a guided tour of its internals

In the wake of the Surface Studio’s reception, Microsoft has doubled down on its support for the enterprise-facing Surface Hub -- the massive 84-inch digital whiteboard first unveiled in 2015.

Surface Studio gets its first firmware update, Surface Pro 4 its latest

Microsoft issued updates for two machines in the Surface line, with the Surface Studio getting its first ever firmware update and the Surface Studio getting its first significant update in a couple of months.

This year Microsoft, not Apple, built the hardware we didn’t know we wanted

Microsoft continued its transformation during 2016, turning its vision of computing from concept into reality with Surface, Windows 10, HoloLens, and more.

Careful with that Surface Dial — iFixit teardown reveals it’s a pain to repair

The Surface Dial is an attractive and easy-to-use peripheral, but what makes it tick? The folks over at iFixit eviscerated one to find out, and discovered the Surface Dial is a tough nut to crack.

Surface Studio is easy to repair and has some upgradeable parts, iFixit says

Overall, iFixit gives the Surface Studio AIO machine a five out of ten for repairability, with an easily accessed base unit. some upgradeable components, and a highly integrated design that's nevertheless easy to repair.

Microsoft shipping Surface Studio to earliest adopters this week

Microsoft sold out of its initial production run of Surface Studio almost immediately, arguably a remarkable achievement for such a new machine that's priced so high, and now those early adopters can expect their orders to arrive soon.

A designer’s dream: How Microsoft built the Surface Dial

The Surface Studio is stunning, but not just because of its hardware. A peripheral is one of its best features – the Surface Dial, an input device like nothing we’ve seen. We interviewed Microsoft Senior Designer Scott Schenone to hear…
Virtual Reality

Microsoft's Surface Studio is only powerful enough for "light" virtual reality duties

The Microsoft Surface Studio is a great option for creative professionals, and well worth its price for that group, but it's a good choice only for those looking for the lightest possible VR experience.

Will Surface Pen work better with the Surface Studio?

Reports indicate that users will see improved Surface Pen performance with the new Surface Studio. The Surface Pen is virtually the same, but what has changed is the tech under the hood of the new Surface Studio.

Surface Studio vs. iMac: Which all-in-one does it all best?

Microsoft's Surface Studio is the next generation of touch-screen computing. Apple's iMac is the industry standard for all-in-one desktops. How do they stack up against each other?