We love you, Internet! These are the 10 funniest jokes about Apple’s Watch

10 funny reactions to apples watch announcement apple internet
If you haven’t heard by now, Apple just revealed the Watch, which is the tech giant’s first entry in the smart watch space.

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Of course, it didn’t take long for pranksters and comedians (both amateur and pro) from all over the Internet to weigh in on Cupertino’s latest baby, and some of the reactions we saw were absolutely priceless.

So, we thought we would share some of them with you.

Ellen Degeneres

The comedy veteran and talk show host wasted no time, offering her own take on the Apple Watch while flashing the razor sharp wit she’s well known for.

The Oatmeal

The creator of The Oatmeal comic site poked fun at the Apple Watch while offering a tip of the hat to one of Apple’s arch rivals as well.

The Onion

The satirical news website gave its two cents on the Apple Watch and iPhone 6/6 Plus announcements with this article. Here’s a quick taste.

“Ending weeks of anticipation and intense speculation, tech giant Apple unveiled a short and fleeting moment of excitement to the general public Tuesday during a media event at its corporate headquarters,” The Onion said.

Then, there’s this piece from The Onion about the Apple Watch’s key features. The Onion says that, among other things, the Watch “allows wearers to start and stop the flow of time.”

Well, that should at least halt the cries of “Apple doesn’t innovate anymore!”

Comedy Central

Somewhere, someone will probably make this unfortunate mistake once the Apple Watch is released, actually.


This Reddit thread teases leaks about Apple wear-ables, and pairs that with links to images.

We won’t give this one away or offer any sneak peeks, but we will say that what you’ll see when you open those links will at least be somewhat painful to look at.

Don’t worry though, we promise that they’re SFW and not graphic in any way.

Apple wear ables vintage clothes

Stuart Ashen

British comedian Stuart Ashen’s reaction to the Apple Watch drips with sarcasm.

Various Twitter users

This guy found a creative way to get an Apple time-keeping device without having to actually pay up for the $349 Watch.

This fellow is very skeptical about the Apple Watch’s ability to spark a fitness revolution.

Here’s another interesting take on “Apple wearable device.”

Bonus reaction from The Oatmeal – NSFW

We think the GIF here might be the funniest reaction we’ve seen to the Apple Watch so far, but the tweet that it’s paired with does contain a bit of salty language.

You’ve been warned.

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