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12-year old girl tries to poison her mom for taking her iPhone away

iPhone separation anxiety
We all react differently to harsh punishments, but this story perhaps edges towards the more extreme end of the scale. After having her smartphone confiscated by her mother, a girl from Boulder, Colorado, decided poisoning her would be the best way of getting revenge. If that’s not insane enough, the girl is just 12-years old, and she tried it twice.

According to Fox31 Denver, and Commander Heidi Prentup, who is investigating the case in the area, the girl’s mother noticed a smell of bleach in a smoothie made for her by her daughter, but thought it was left over from the glass being cleaned. She apparently felt sick after drinking it, but naturally didn’t consider for a moment she was being poisoned.

However, that all changed a few days later, when a glass of water in her bedroom smelled exactly the same. She confronted her daughter, who in a shockingly honest manner, admitted she was trying to kill her, all because the iPhone had been taken away. Aside from the iPhone, the reports don’t state if there were other problems leading up to the poisoning attempt.

Despite drinking the bleach smoothie, the girl’s mother is fine, and hasn’t been admitted into hospital following the attempt on her life. However, the 12-year old girl is now in police custody, and facing two charges of attempted first degree murder.

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