4.7-inch and 5.5-inch iPhone 6 could launch at same time after all

iPhone 6 Concept 2 Johnny Plaid
iPhone 6 concept design by Johnny Plaid.

While Apple has, of course, been keeping its cards close to its chest on all things iPhone 6, a mixture of leaks, rumors, chitchat and scuttlebutt have pointed to the launch of Apple’s next handset in two sizes – one with a 4.7-inch display and the other, 5.5 inches.

While recent snippets of information from various news outlets suggested Apple’s production team was experiencing technical difficulties with the larger model in the areas of battery life and display technology, a Bloomberg report Monday appears to suggest engineers have overcome these obstacles and are gearing up for a simultaneous launch of both phones in the fall.

Mass production of both models will begin in July, Bloomberg said, citing “people familiar with the plans.”

The 4.7-inch version looks a dead cert for September shipping to retailers, the report said, while Apple is also pushing to have the 5.5-inch version ready at the same time. Even if it does turn up alongside the 4.7-inch version in the fall, it looks likely that supply will be limited for a while until its more complicated manufacturing process is refined.

Bloomberg’s unnamed source added that the new handsets will be “rounder and thinner” than the current model. Combine that with the larger screens and we can expect to see the biggest design overhaul of the iPhone since its launch seven years ago.

With consumers in recent years developing a taste for handsets with larger screens, it appears that the Cupertino company has finally seen the light and decided to stick a larger display onto its handset.

On Monday it emerged Foxconn is apparently gearing up to take on 100,000 extra workers to help manufacture Apple’s new handsets, a move reported to be the manufacturer’s largest ever hiring spree.

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