A Flipboard first: News app to carry full content of New York Times

new york timesThe New York Times and Flipboard announced late Sunday that from Thursday all content from the prominent newspaper will be available to NYTimes subscribers through Flipboard, the news reading app that allows users to read content in an attractive magazine-style format.

In a joint statement, the NYTimes said the move signalled the launch of its NYTimes Everywhere strategy, which aims to bring the newspaper’s content to users through third-party apps. NYTimes subscribers, who can currently view all of the publication’s content via its website and app, will now have the additional option of using Flipboard.

In an interview posted on the NYTimes’ Bits blog, Denise F. Warren, general manager of the newspaper’s website, said the deal with Flipboard was the right thing to do as the paper heads in the direction of digital subscriptions.

“We realized that we have an opportunity to enable this kind of access for paying subscribers, and we thought it was something we ought to try, and see how users react to it,” she said.

Premium content for Flipboard

For Flipboard it could be the start of something big, as the collaboration marks the first time the company has been able to bring premium content to its users.

Flipboard CEO Mike McCue said it was important for content to be “discoverable, beautiful and sustainable,” adding, “With Flipboard we’ve tried to create a path to all three — where publishers can be found, articles and images easily paged through, advertising enjoyed and now subscriber models supported.”

He told the Bits blog that the partnership was a “major achievement” for Flipboard and could “set the stage for digital media and in the publishing world in general.”

Ad deal

The deal will give both companies the opportunity to pull in some cash too, with the pair agreeing to split revenue from full-screen ads set to appear between the NYTimes’ Flipboard pages.

It’s been a busy few days for Flipboard. On Friday it rolled out its free app to Android users, introducing it to a whole new, and enormous, audience. Up until last week it was only available on iOS devices such as the iPhone and iPad.

Whether NYTimes subscribers turn to Flipboard over the publication’s website and app remains to be seen, though of course it makes perfect sense for it to explore new ways of getting its content out there. It may even attract a few new subscribers for the paper, with Flipboard tempting readers with a small sample of the NYTimes’ content for free.

Meanwhile, Warren said the NYTimes is set to announce more partnerships in the course of the next 12 months.

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