A ride worthy of 007? GroundLink car-calling app targets young professionals with secret agent commercials

groundlink executive transport

For those unfamiliar with GroundLink, it’s a connected car service headed by old-school executives with aspirations of evolving their successful limousine service into an app-based taxi service. But GroundLink’s repeated efforts to escape the shadows of its rival Uber have failed time and time again. Now the company may have finally done it by silently launching a series of clever YouTube commercials. We have to give the taxi service the credit it deserves: The company appears to have found its niche here and settled into a groove.

The first video, “Groundlink: Executive Transport,”  taps into a man’s primal desire to live the double life of James Bond himself. The main character peels back his disguise as a successful business executive to reveal a combat-adept spy. All the while, his wife is oblivious to his double life. Another video, “WTF is GroundLink” strikes a humorous note while hinting at GroundLink’s new strategy.

Using GroundLink’s app, the taxi service will pick you up from just about anywhere. Are you about to be stranded in the middle of a desert thanks to the perils of living the life of a spy? Not a problem. You can even track the status of the car’s route in real time. If need be, GroundLink’s drivers will serve as your getaway driver in the heat of escaping a gunfight, doing it in style, and you even get a choice between a gas guzzler or a hybrid car. Best of all, what happens during the spy life stays in the spy life, and GroundLink won’t be spilling your secrets.

On a more down-to-earth note, it’s apparent that GroundLink is nuzzling up to the upper echelon of the career-minded professionals. We’d say that the urban business executives searching for a simple limousine app and service primarily fit the bill, while the young, tech-savvy crowd that GroundLink had tried so desperately to enamor has been left behind. With Uber’s service dominating in just about every facet of the tech community’s needs, it’s a smart move.

“GroundLink: Executive Transport”

“WTF is GroundLink”

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