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Adobe gives users a sneak peek of new Photoshop features on the iPad

With Adobe’s MAX event just a couple of weeks away, Adobe released a video preview of an exciting new feature coming to Photoshop on iPads. In the video, product manager Ryan Dumlao provides a demonstration of Adobe Camera RAW (ACR) on Photoshop for iPads. The feature will allow users to import photos in RAW format from their cameras or iPhones. Since RAW files aren’t compressed or processed like other file formats are, users will have total control over the final product.

Photoshop on the iPad Sneak Peek: Camera raw editing

Importing photos using Adobe Camera RAW turns them into ACR Smart Objects. Changes made to Smart Objects on the iPad automatically create linked or duplicate layers, streamlining the editing process. Since this “nondestructive editing” is applied to layers instead of the original RAW file, you can always make new changes or revert the image to its original state.

Dumlao demonstrates this by brushing some branches with the Apple Pencil 2. Selecting them is easy and doesn’t require much precision. Removing the branches only removes them in the new layer, so they can be added back in or adjusted again later.

Noticing that the ropes in his photo are too orange, Dumlao selects them and corrects the color without changing the bright orange of the Japanese-style torii gate itself. You can adjust the saturation of specific colors, change the exposure, increase the texture, and more.

Adobe Max 2021

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If you use Photoshop for iPads or any of Adobe’s other software, there’s still time to register for Adobe MAX 2021.

Adobe MAX 2021 will have over 400 sessions, and they’ve been curated into collections for students, educators, business professionals, marketers, and content creators. Here are just a few:

  • Graphic Design Techniques using iPad and Apple Pencil
  • Audio Editing for Video Editors
  • Motion Design: Must-Know Techniques
  • 3D Art: I Can’t Draw. So What?
  • BIPOC Designers and the Workplace: Pre-Woke to Woke-ish
  • Social Growth: The Power of Community over
  • Competition

The sessions include introductions to software, technique demonstrations, workshops, and speeches. Registration for Adobe MAX 2021 is free, and the event will take place from October 26 to 28, 2021. We’ll be keeping an eye on it to see if there are more interesting announcements for iPad users.

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