Always need more juice for your iPhone? Get the Mophie Juice Pack Reserve

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Given that most of us are in long-term relationships with our smartphones, relying on them for everything from scheduling to emotional support (thanks, Siri), having your iPhone die on you in the middle of the day isn’t just annoying — it can be a crisis. And if nightmares of suddenly being thrown into a phone-less darkness keep you up at night, the Mophie juice pack reserve may be the answer to your prayers and the antidote to your fears.

Considered the company’s “most compact battery case to date,” the $59.95 Mophie case promises more than 60 percent extra battery life as well as protection for your most treasured possession — your phone.

Thanks to Mophie’s ergonomic design, the case and your newly enclosed phone fit “securely and comfortably in your hand,” which is crucial considering the sheer number of hours your iPhone spends in your palm. “Industry-leading design is one of the core ideals Mophie was built upon,” said Daniel Huang, Mophie CEO and co-founder. “For the juice pack reserve, we leveraged our years of engineering and design experience to create the slimmest battery case people have ever held.”

With its 1,840mAh rechargeable lithium-ion polymer battery, the juice pack reserve promises up to 8.4 extra hours of phone call time, 6.6 extra hours of Internet browsing, 6 more hours of video playback, and a whopping 30 additional hours for listening to your music. So even if you’re planning on taking your phone into an electricity-deprived wasteland, you and your favorite device will survive.

And if the addition of so much extra power seems a bit, well, dangerous for your phone, fret not — Mophie assures users that its Digital Power Management technology, or smart charging circuitry, “provides your device with the perfect amount of power for a safe, quick charge.”

Currently available for pre-order, you can get the latest version of the Mophie in black, white, blue, purple, or pink, all of which will perfectly fit the iPhone 6, and will ensure that you’ll never be stuck with a battery-less iPhone again.

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