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Amazon now has a 3D printing store where you can customize and print your own creations

Amazon opened its very own 3D printing store on Monday, where users can customize pre-made designs to their liking and order the 3D printed product from the Amazon store. 3D printing labs such as Mixee, Scupteo, and 3DLT partnered with Amazon to bring some of their most popular and interesting designs to the store.

So far, Amazon’s 3D printing store offers more than 200 different designs that users can alter slightly to make the piece their own. Designs for tech accessories, toys, games, home decor, and jewelry can all be personalized in terms of color, size, and thickness. Users can also add their name, specific words, and other small touches to the original designs. The store shows you a 360-degree view of your customized product, so you can make sure it’s they way you want it before you actually place your order.

Amazon’s 3D printing store

Most of the designs cost $30 or less, making them much more affordable than most custom-made products, especially when it comes to jewelry and smartphone cases. Some of the designs are more customizable than others. The 3D printed bobble head, for example, gives you the option to change the hair, facial features, outfit, and the colors of everything. It doesn’t let you change the head shape, add a nose, or alter the type of clothing very much. You’re limited to one style of pants with various color options and a few different shirt designs.

Unfortunately, Amazon will only allow you to alter pre-existing designs at this point. The store doesn’t allow users to upload their own projects and 3D print them. However, this could change in the future as 3D printing becomes more popular. It’s also likely that Amazon will add more designs for users to choose from in the future, assuming the store takes off.

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