You only get two days to download $105 worth of Amazon apps for free, so get to it (updated)

amazon bundles premium apps for free fire tablet friends

Just when Amazon stops giving away apps for free, the company turns around the following week to start anew. This week is no different, as Amazon is giving away $105 worth of apps for free.

Updated on 04-16-2015 by Williams Pelegrin: Amazon reached out to us, clarifying that the promotion actually ends on Saturday, April 18. Gives you a little more time to download these free apps.

Even though we’ve seen some of these apps before, we’re certainly not complaining. Free is free, and we even get some new goodies. Games such as Adventure Time Game Wizard and Prince of Persia Classic are now free, as well as apps such as Wolfram|Alpha and Runtastic Pro.

It’s a pretty healthy list of apps and games, so check the list below to see if any of them spark any interest.

Since the free apps are part of Amazon’s “Free App of the Day” promotion, however, you’ll want to decide sooner rather than later. The promotion ends Saturday, April 18. Even if you miss this opportunity, Amazon regularly bundles apps and puts them out for free, so this will likely not be the last time you’ll see these apps sans price tag in the Appstore.