Amazon Fire Phone now available in AT&T stores

The Amazon Fire Phone is officially available in stores at AT&T and online via AT&T is the only carrier selling the Fire Phone, so those with Verizon, T-Mobile, or Sprint are out of luck.

AT&T is selling the infamous Fire Phone for $199 with a two-year contract, but you can also get it for $27.09 a month, if you prefer to get a contract-less AT&T Next plan. The 64GB version will cost AT&T Next customers a bit more, with installments of $31.25 a month.

Although the Fire Phone may seem pricey, considering its midrange specs and unorthodox software, it does come with a free 12-month subscription to Amazon Prime and 1,000 Amazon Coins, which amounts to $10 of free apps from the Amazon Appstore. The Fire Phone also features Dynamic Perspective, which creates the illusion of a 3D interface; Firefly, which uses cameras to recognize products and directs you to Amazon’s online store to buy them; and Mayday, the company’s ever-popular 24/7 video support network.

So far, reviews for the Fire Phone have ranged from dismissive and downright critical, to mildly confused and cautiously supportive. Demand for Amazon’s first smartphone is also low, according to the Wall Street Journal. J.P. Morgan analyst Doug Anmuth predicts that Amazon will sell just 2 or  3 million Fire Phones in the U.S. before the end of 2014. In comparison with the 2.7 million iPhones Apple sold each week worldwide in the most recent quarter, Amazon’s projected sales look dismal. However, the publication is quick to point out that 2 to 3 million Fire Phones sold isn’t actually too bad, considering the fact that this is Amazon’s first smartphone.

If you want to know more about the device before you head to AT&T, you can read all about the Fire Phone in our “everything you need to know” post. A Digital Trends review of the Fire Phone will be released shortly, but you can check out our hands-on post in the meantime.

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