Amazon’s FreeTime Unlimited loads up a slew of content for tweens

amazon freetime unlimited tweens content fire kids 0001

Amazon has been pretty good about offering kids aged 3-8 great content on Fire tablets, but so far the older kids have been a little left out. Not anymore!

The company has added a slew of content to FreeTime for older kids with access to an Amazon tablet. The content includes educational videos, apps, books, and more, all of which is aimed at kids ages 9-12. The service even offers TV shows like Sonic the Hedgehog, iCarly, and Star Trek.

In total, the company added a whopping 13,000 videos, games, apps and so on, plus a way to find over 40,000 YouTube videos and websites. Thankfully, however, Amazon isn’t just adding more content — it’s also adding a way to search through all that content and limit what your child can and cannot access.

“To help more easily manage all that awesome content, we’re introducing FreeTime Smart Filters to give parents the ultimate say in what their kids are seeing — younger kids still have the freedom to explore the titles that are appropriate for their age group while older kids get to play Monument Valley and see other cool videos, apps, games, and books that are just right for them,” Amazon said in a statement.

Amazon also announced a few additions to the content for younger kids, including a few new apps, books, and games. With the new filters, parents can also tell the service to only offer up content geared toward younger kids.

The new smart filters will be available to fourth- and fifth-generation tablets, including the Fire Kids edition. They will come in the form of an over-the-air update, which has started rolling out, and will continue to do so over the coming weeks.

Amazon has clearly been working hard to offer a service that parents can trust their kids to use, and adding content for older kids is sure to help bolster that, as well as give those growing kids content they can enjoy for at least the next few years.

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