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Amazon launches Cloud Drive ‘digital locker,’ Cloud Player

amazon-cloud-playerThe era of mainstream cloud computing officially arrived today with Amazon’s launch of three cloud products: Cloud Drive, Cloud Player for Web and Cloud Player for Android. Through this release, Amazon has catapulted itself over the competition, to the forefront of consumer computing — and left Apple and Google eating its dust.

The Cloud Drive, news of which leaked out Monday, serves as a “digital locker” for storing any type of digital media, from music to high-definition movies to resumes, on the Amazon servers. Once stored, that media is accessible from any computer. And the Cloud Drive accepts media regardless of where it was purchased.

Amazon provides all registered customer with a free 5GB of Cloud Drive storage. Anyone who purchases an MP3 album through Amazon, however, is automatically upgraded to 20GB. Otherwise, pricing works out to $1-per-GB, per year, with pricing plan options at 20, 50, 200, 500 and 1000GB (1TB). To make the deal even sweeter, Amazon automatically uploads any MP3s purchased through its site to the customer’s Cloud Drive, and stores that music for free.

Using the new Cloud Player for Web, says Amazon, “[c]ustomers who have a computer with a Web browser can listen to their music” — it’s as simple as that. Cloud Player for Web is compatible with all major web browsers, including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Chrome. Cloud Player works on both PC and Intel-based Mac computers, and allows users to stream music directly from their Cloud Drive, or to download the music, which can then be uploaded onto an iPod or Zune (RIP) using iTunes or Windows Media Player.

Android users can also access the Cloud Player, which is now included as part of the Amazon MP3 App, directly from their smartphone. Through the mobile Cloud Player, users can search their music library, create playlists and download music directly to their Android handset.

Conspicuously absent from Amazon’s cloud offerings is support for any Apple iOS device. Apple is said to currently have its own “digital locker” service (most likely in the form of a revamped MobileMe service) available for customers later this year. Like all other Apple products, however, it’s likely that any cloud service it launches will only work with Apple devices and media purchased through iTunes.

Google is also rumored to be working on its own cloud offering, which could arrive as early as May. But until then, Amazon is at the head of the pack. And if its Cloud Drive and Cloud Player work as well as they should, it might just stay there.

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Amazon to challenge iPad with Android tablets in Q3?

About a month ago, we heard that Amazon tablets codenamed Android ‘Hollywood’ and ‘Coyote’ would hit shelves sometime this year, and now DigiTimes says shipment numbers indicate Amazon could be launching the product sometime in the third quarter.
According to the paper, Amazon is ordering mass quantities of touch panels for this August – as many as 1.2 million of them. These types of tablet component orders for the third quarter would put it behind only Apple (which will far out do all competition by ordering 14 to 15 million iPads). While all that Amazon has said is “stay tuned,” the shipment details certainly make it look as if it has a tablet on the way. And predictions for such a device have been downright bullish: It’s been called the best possibility to challenge the grip of the iOS ecosystem, and one financial firm forecast it could sell 3.5 million units in 2011. The same firm suggested it would fall behind only the iPad and the Samsung Galaxy Tab, arguably the most popular non-Apple tablet on the market as it stands.
The main reason for all the positivity surrounding the launch is that Amazon has one of the most established cloud-based content stores available, which has held back a variety of iPad competitors. If there is any truth behind some of the hardware rumors, it could actually be a pretty powerful machine and pack a quad-core processor. While DigiTimes’ reports can be hit or miss, there have been plenty of accurate assessments from the site, and in this case it would mean Amazon is pretty confident it’s got a viable iPad challenger.
If a third-quarter launch is correct, the Amazon Android tablet (tablets?) will be around in time for the holiday shopping season, a boon for sales. But if Apple launches the iPad 3,  iPad HD or whatever iPad-related product it’s bringing to the table next, it could seriously impact any of its challengers’ sales. Not to mention steal a load of buzz from any other product launch.

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iPhone 5 details emerge and iPad 3 to get a better screen
iphone 5 details emerge and ipad 3 to get a better screen

Another day, another round of Apple rumors. The latest drop of information comes from Bloomberg, which reports that the next iPhone, which we've been calling the iPhone 5, will have a number of expected performance upgrades to its processor and camera. It looks like the delay until September has been explained as well. While Apple usually debuts new iPhones every June, its extensive set of upgrades in iOS 5 have delayed the process. We expect that the steadily high sales of the iPhone 4 have not hurt this decision.
The new phone will have an 8-megapixel camera, up from the 5-megapixel iPhone 4, and will be powered by an A5 processor, the chip that powers the iPad 2 and is said to be about twice as fast as the current iPhone 4 chip. On the iPad 3 front, rumors have, once again, resurfaced that Apple will bump up the resolution of the tablet by about a third. While not quite a Retina display like the iPhone 4, this bump will come with an increase in screen responsiveness as well, which is exciting considering the iPad is, by far, the most responsive tablet on the market (the iPhone still has the most responsive smartphone screen). This rumor makes a bit of sense, as most Android tablets have had no trouble matching the iPad's resolution thus far.
It looks like Apple is indeed working on a cheaper version of the iPhone in an effort to help compete with Android for the price conscious consumer here and in developing countries. The insides of the device will resemble an iPhone 4, but may have a smaller overall footprint, which is odd, considering most phones keep getting bigger these days. Leave it to Apple to buck the trend, we suppose.
Finally, Apple may stop guaranteeing that all iOS apps run on older models, such as the iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS, someone told Bloomberg. This is interesting news, especially considering how crippled the iPhone 3G already is, thanks to Apple's software update process. It looks like it may be time to upgrade, frugal Applers.
Of course, this information is only as good as Bloomberg's source, which was anonymous. For a good rundown of some other recent iPhone 5 rumors, like its 4-inch screen and tear-drop design, head to our last rumor post.

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Best Buy soft launches Music Cloud service
best buy soft launches music cloud service

Have you ever heard the expression: when it rains, it pours? Well, things are getting pretty cloudy. Best Buy hasn't officially launched its Music Cloud service, but you can already give it a try if you head to the site. The service is Best Buy's attempt to compete with Amazon's Cloud Player, Google Music, and Apple's iCloud, among others. The new service lets users stream their music to multiple device including computers, phones, and tablets. Not to be outdone, Music Cloud allows users to save songs locally to devices for offline play, which may be more common with data prices beginning to skyrocket out of control. Unlike Apple's iCloud, however, it looks like users will have to upload their music.
The heart of the music uploading service is powered by Catch Media's PlayAnywhere technology, and it works with iOS devices, BlackBerry phones, and Android-based products. It looks like there will be a free "lite" version and a subscription "pro" version with more features and storage.
Unfortunately, the service is currently limited and will only allow you to use it if you connect it to your iTunes library. Yes, there is no way to use the new service if you don't have iTunes installed. It will not upload from Windows Media Player or a folder/directory on your desktop. We're hoping Best Buy fixes this, and streamlines the entire setup process, by the time the product officially launches. For those who use iTunes, this Best Buy blog post will help you install the software. We were not able to find any Best Buy Music Cloud software on the Android Market yet as of this writing. If you're able to check the BlackBerry AppWorld or iTunes, please let us know if it's available on those platforms.
Oddly, it sounds like users of the free version will only be allowed to listen to 30 seconds of every song they own, which makes us wonder why Best Buy is offering a free version at all. Unless, of course, you're a fan of Girl Talk, in which case, you may be okay. We'll have more on Best Buy's service as it rolls out.

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