Amazon wants you to shop with your voice, launches Alexa-only Prime Day deals

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The Amazon Echo is a great tool for searching and controlling your smartphone, but Amazon wants to remind people that the device is great for shopping online, too. To that end, it’s offering some Alexa-only deals in the lead-up to the company’s annual Prime Day, which will take place on July 12.

There aren’t tons of items available, but Amazon will take $10 off any order of more than $20 made through Alexa on the Amazon Echo, Tap, or Echo Dot, which is aimed at encouraging users to shop with their voice.

Apart from that, deals include $50.99 off  an Amazon Tap, $34.99 off a Cuisinart Griddler, and $14.98 off a Dromida camera-equipped quadcopter. On top of that, you’ll get an extra $10 off if it’s the first time you have ordered something through Alexa, and there will be more deals announced for Prime Day on July 12.

The deals are interesting choices. If you’re in the market for a new grill, you’re probably going to want to look up its specs online before buying it, and maybe even go see it in person. The same goes for a quadcopter. It seems like there will be plenty of people looking up the deals and researching them online, then using the Echo for the actual buying process, which goes against the device’s billing as an easier way to shop online.

It certainly makes sense that Amazon would want to encourage people to start using the Echo as a way to shop online. The easier Amazon makes it for users to shop online, the more those users are likely to shop through Amazon, essentially leading to Amazon making more money.

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