Amazon’s Prime Now heads out of the U.S., offering one-hour deliveries in London

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It’s been roughly half a year since Amazon launched its Prime Now one-hour delivery service. Amazon has been adding new cities at a slow but steady clip, but until now, the service has only been available to customers in select U.S. cities.

Now Amazon has crossed the pond, bringing Prime Now’s speedy deliveries to London. Now all products are eligible for the service, but Amazon says that “thousands” of products are available. This isn’t quite the “tens of thousands” available to Prime Now customers in the U.S., but the amount of products offered will likely expand in the future.

As the name implies, Prime Now is only available to Amazon Prime customers, and costs £7.99 per delivery. One-hour delivery is only available on orders of £20 or more, between 8 a.m. and midnight. Two-hour delivery within the same window is available to Prime members for free. Orders can be placed via the web or Amazon’s Prime Now app.

Currently, the areas of London in which the service is available are limited, but Amazon is working to broaden the coverage area. To check if your area is covered, see the list of postcodes on Amazon’s Prime Now website, which notes that “delivery options vary by postcode.”

Amazon Prime Now launched in December of last year, and at the start was only available in select areas of Manhattan. Eventually the service branched out further in New York City before expanding to Atlanta, Austin, Baltimore, Dallas, and Miami.

One area of Prime Now that Amazon doesn’t go out of its way to advertise to customers is the expected tip included when users place their order. There is a default amount in place, which customers can increase or decrease. Amazon says that while it collects the tip, the entire tip goes to the delivery person.

Amazon has spent much of 2015 focused on getting orders to its customers faster. In May the company began offering delivery from local stores via Prime Now in Manhattan, and a week later it began offering same-day delivery for free to all Prime Members in major metropolitan areas throughout the U.S.

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