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Amazon reportedly prepping new high-res Kindle Paperwhite

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite review font size ereader

Despite its range of updated Kindle Fire tablets reportedly proving a hit with consumers, Amazon doesn’t look as if it’s going to allow its family of e-readers to slide out of view anytime soon, with a report Sunday suggesting the online retail giant is busy prepping a new version of its popular Paperwhite device.

The updated Paperwhite will launch around April next year, just six months after the second version landed. It’ll come with a super-sharp 300 dpi screen, a marked improvement on the current model’s 212 dpi offering, TechCrunch reported Sunday having seen a prototype of the upcoming unit.

A dpi value of 300 would take the front-lit Paperwhite ahead of competing devices such as the recently launched Nook GlowLight (212 dpi) e-reader from Barnes & Noble and even the Kobo Aura HD, which impressed many with its clear high-res 265-dpi screen when the device launched earlier this year.

The e-commerce giant is also considering using a very thin matte glass for the display, in place of the plastic screen used on the current model.

Interestingly, the next version will apparently incorporate a light sensor in one corner of the device, working to automatically adjust the screen’s brightness according to environmental conditions. Its design reportedly ensures the screen dims or brightens ever so gradually to avoid sudden, jolting transitions.

TechCrunch also says that while no significant software updates are expected with the next iteration of the Paperwhite, Amazon is believed to be working on “new typography for the device with a custom-built font that’s great for reading.”

The next Paperwhite is expected to be lighter than the current model, which weighs 7.3 ounces (206 grams), and come with a rear casing resembling the angular one seen on the recently launched Fire HDX tablets.

The current Paperwhite retails for $139 without ads, or $119 with.

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