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Go on a shopping spree when you trade in your phone at Amazon

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Annie Bernstein/Digital Trends

What’s better than getting a new phone? Going on a shopping spree based on the value of your old one. And if you trade your old device in at Amazon, you can do precisely that. Thanks to the Internet giant’s Trade-In program, you can be rid of your aged device and be rewarded with an Amazon gift card at the same time.

The trade-in process, Amazon promises, is about as easy as they come. Let the team know whether or not your phone is in working condition, and you’ll receive an instant and, as Amazon describes it, accurate trade-in quote. And that quote will be precisely the value of the gift card you’ll receive in exchange for your unwanted mobile device.

“But wait!” you say, “What if I don’t have my new phone yet?” Not to worry — Amazon still wants you to take advantage of its trade-in deal, and won’t leave you phoneless in the meantime. If you commit to giving Amazon your phone now, you can lock in your quote and keep your device for up to 21 days (an offer that will stand through May 1). 

It’s also likely that you’ll be getting a pretty good deal for your used smartphone — Amazon reportedly offers some of the best trade-in prices on the market for iPhones, with the iPhone 6 going for $269.07

Even if you’re not looking to trade in a phone, but have other electronics lying about that you think you could be rid of, you can benefit from Amazon’s program. Tablets, books, video games, wearables, and DVDs are all eligible for trade-in, and you can send them all to Amazon in a single box with free shipping. Think of it as a more efficient and lucrative spring cleaning.

So if you’re looking for a way to get rid of your ever-growing junk pile, head on over to   


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