Sneaky! Internet retailer Amazon just launched a real-world wallet

Amazon has released its own Wallet app with very little fanfare. The mobile payments app is called Amazon Wallet and it mostly offers a convenient space in which to store all of your gift and loyalty cards. It doesn’t actually support mobile payments, debit or credit cards yet, but it may in the near future.

The idea behind the app is to cut out some of the clutter in your physical wallet or purse. If your wallet is nearly full to bursting with rewards cards from 10 different pharmacies, grocery stores, and other retailers, this should help you out.

The app will use your phone’s camera to scan the barcode on the back of the card and then transfer the balance and other pertinent information to Amazon Wallet. Then, you can use the app in the actual store to redeem your reward points, cash, or free gifts. You can even check your remaining balance. It’s basically like Apple’s Passport app, but for almost everything instead of only a few things.

So far, Amazon Wallet is supported by almost 70 popular retailers, including AMC Entertainment, American Eagle, Coldstone, Dominos Pizza, Guitar Center, Sephora, and more. Amazon also has a website version of the app for when you really want to dive right in to check your remaining balances and upcoming rewards.

Currently, Amazon lists the app as a beta project on its Appstore and on the Google Play Store. It’s clear that the company isn’t finished with it and has more in store for future users. Right now, the Amazon Wallet app looks like a pale imitation of Google Wallet, PayPal, and other comparable mobile payment services. If done right, it could give the retailer a healthy look at how people spend money at physical stores.

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