You can now add things to your Amazon Wish List with a single tweet

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If you’re someone who buys almost everything on Amazon, you probably have a Wish List a mile long. Now, it’s even easier for Amazon addicts to add new products to their Wish Lists. The online retailer added more Twitter integration today with the hashtag #AmazonWishList. When you use the new hashtag, whatever product you tweeted about is automatically added to your Amazon Wish List, so you can buy it later — at least, that’s the idea.

Previously, frequent buyers could only tweet to add products to their shopping carts on Amazon. Since the Wish List feature is popular among online shoppers, Amazon added the function to its Twitter support. The company says that 7 books and 5 toys were added to Wish Lists every second last Christmas, adding that 1 in 3 Amazon customers has used the feature at one point or another.

A quick glance at Twitter showed a lot of people talking about the new feature, but few actually using the hashtag #AmazonWishList in conjunction with a product. Still, it might pick up once the holiday season is underway.

Of course, for any of this to work, you’ll have to link your Twitter account to Amazon via However, once you’ve set it up, you can add items to your Wish List or cart on Amazon without ever leaving Twitter. E-commerce in Twitter isn’t exactly mainstream yet, but based on recent reports, it looks as though Twitter is gearing up to add a “Buy” button to the microblogging site.

Amazon undoubtedly wants to have a piece of that pie. It’s unclear how Amazon’s efforts to get Twitter users to buy via hashtags will be affected by Twitter’s “Buy” button. However, using hashtags is like second nature to Twitter users, so Amazon’s method could catch on with power users of both services.

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