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Get amped! The Ampple protective case triples your iPad’s volume

If you’re an audiophile or sometimes need a little added volume, the iPad’s built-in speakers probably aren’t for you. They’re a little tinny, aren’t overly loud, and just aren’t the best for listening to music. One company, however, thinks that you should still be able get decent audio sound without large, clunky speakers or headphones.

That company, called Ampple, has launched an iPad case designed to give your iPad “HD sound” to match the HD display.

“I don’t like to put headphones on — not because of privacy reasons but because the sound of mobile devices (like iPads) is weak and crooked. Similarly, I don’t like carrying an extra accessory item with me when I’m on the go,” Viesturs Sosars, CEO of Ampple, told Digital Trends. “Mobile devices getting smaller obviously compromises sound quality physically, but there is so much more that is possible to be done nowadays technologically to improve mobile sound.”


Of course, “HD sound” doesn’t mean anything, it’s just marketing nonsense. But the idea behind the product is an interesting one. The speakers are built straight into the case, meaning you don’t have to carry anything extra around to get a decent sound from your iPad.

“I’ve spent 10 years in audio tech, co-founding and managing a company that was creating sound improvement algorithms, so I know how much can be done to make things better but no one seemed to care,” continued Sosars. “That’s how idea of Ampple was conceived — offering great sound experience right where iPad is (and other mobile devices to come) without need for external audio accessories.”

According to Ampple, the case offers audio three times as loud as the speakers built in to the iPad, and the speakers are front-facing, ensuring a nondistorted stereo field. The case connects to the iPad through Bluetooth, and gives up to 10 hours of playing time.

While “HD sound” is just nonsense, the technology behind the speakers isn’t. They are built with the CONEQ sound correction algorithm, which has been used by the likes of CBS for show recording, as well as Panasonic and Toshiba for a range of different products.

There are a few drawbacks to the Ampple speaker case — while it doesn’t seem to add too much bulk to the iPad, it’s certainly not thin — if you appreciate how thin your iPad is without a big ol’ case, Ampple isn’t for you. You probably don’t need it if you’re just using your iPad to watch movies in bed either, although it will boost sound. Ampple seems mostly useful for those who want to enjoy iPad audio in the great outdoors, for example. Or when you’re sizzling bacon but still want to catch up on Daredevil.

It’s also not cheap, with a standard price of $125, although you could get it for $95 if you get in early. To get Ampple for yourself, head to the Indiegogo campaign. It’s available for the 9.7-inch iPad Pro, iPad Air 2, and iPad Mini 4, although it can be paired with other Bluetooth-enabled devices without being used as a case.

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