Android 4.3 is here, spotted on Google’s development website


Google I/O starts today, and while the keynotes are a  few hours away, it looks like Google’s own website cache revealed something interesting: Android 4.3 exists. A Google search has revealed links related to Android 4.3 hidden away on the website, likely to be revealed sometime during the I/O developer conference.

Screen_Shot_2013-05-15_at_15.17.47While people are speculating all about what Android 5.0, Key Lime Pie, is going to feature, Android 4.3 is an update to the current generation of Android devices that’s just around the corner. Android 4.3 is expected to offer some tweaks to Jelly Bean devices that might possibly include things like low-power Bluetooth 4.0 support, newer OpenGL support, and other features that would make Jelly Bean a bit snappier and offer better battery life. The update has been rumored for several weeks, but only now has any evidence of it been spotted on one of Google’s websites – ironically caught by Google’s own search cache.

There’s not much else known about Android 4.3, and it will likely be a minor note in the Google I/O conference compared to announcements related to Android 5.0. What is known though is that Android 5.0, Key Lime Pie, is expected to be released before the end of this year, so Android 4.3 is likely only a few weeks away from launch. It’s reassuring to see that Google’s continually optimizing its operating systems, especially when the fear of orphaned OSes is all too true for Android owners. Jelly Bean hasn’t been abandoned just yet by Google.

Google I/O is the annual development conference about all things Google. We’re likely to see highlights not just about Android 4.3, but also about Google Glass, Key Lime Pie, and more. Stay tuned to Digital Trends as we continue coverage of the conference as it gets underway. Android 4.3 is just the tip of the iceberg for today’s events.