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Google is celebrating Star Wars Day with these Android Pay Easter eggs

android pay star wars day
May the fourth be with you! Thursday is Star Wars Day and fans around the world are celebrating in their own unique ways. Google is joining in the fun too,and if you use Android Pay, you will be able to see how.

Simply pay for an item at a store with Android Pay, and when you see the notification telling you that payment was successful, you may notice a dancing Android robot dressed like various different Star Wars characters. If you don’t use Android Pay, you can see the little animation on the Android Twitter page.

Tap. Pay. #StarWarsDay. Use #AndroidPay in stores all week and discover 7 of your favorite characters. Who did you find? #MayTheFourth

— Android (@Android) May 4, 2017

While the animation only shows the robot dressed like a Jedi knight and a Stormtrooper, we know for sure that an R2-D2 animation also exists and we would not be surprised to see Darth Vader or other animations, too. In fact, Google says there are seven characters to unlock throughout the week.

This actually is not the only thing Google is doing to celebrate Star Wars Day. You can also get six Star Wars movies from the Google Play Store at a significant discount. Instead of having to pay $120 for the original six movies, which includes the original trilogy and prequel trilogy, you pay $80. Along with that, you can get a discount on a range of different Star Wars-related games and comic books, which you can also get from the different sections in the Google Play Store.

Star Wars Day is bigger than it has ever been — largely due to the recent Star Wars movies that were released after Disney acquired the rights to the franchise. We know for sure that we will see at least a few more Star Wars films over the next few years but it is likely, with Disney behind it, that Star Wars will continue to be an important part of popular culture for decades to come.

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