This smartwatch has its sights set on a future filled with Android women

android smartwatch compatible with space women

Let’s get this out of the way: while Android is the name of Google’s mobile operating system, it is also the name of a watch company. Headquartered in Florida, Android specializes in making and selling watches, with the company’s latest offering being its first entry into the smartwatch market.

Called the, well, Android SmartWatch, it is compatible with both iPhone and Android devices, but if we’re going by the advertisement above, its target demographic may be women from space. The touch screen is of a TFT variant, with the smartwatch itself able to make and receive calls, read texts, and control your handset’s music. It is also equipped with pedometer, calculator, chronograph, calendar, world clock, and voice memo functionality.

Battery life for the Android SmartWatch is supposedly about 90 hours, or roughly three and a half days of usage. We assume that is for moderate usage, but no mention of what kind of usage needed to achieve that battery life was made.

In the way of customization, the SmartWatch will come in six colors, along with “colorful leather straps.” The wide price range of Android’s watches has us guessing the price point for the SmartWatch.

As with the very original name, though, the SmartWatch runs on proprietary software, which has us admittedly wary of how it operates. No release date or window was given, so we don’t know when we will see it hit the market.