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Which new Android phone is the right one for you? Google knows

android which phone tool
If you’re currently in the market for a new phone, you’ve probably noticed just how many options there are and how tough it can be to pick the right one. A new tool from Google might be able to help, provided you’re not looking at buying an iPhone.

The tool, simply known as Which Phone, guides you through a series of simple questions. It starts by asking you to pick what your new phone will be used for. Options include taking photos, listening to music, being productive, gaming, watching videos, and of course, talking and texting.

The first option you pick determines the next question you’ll be asked. Indicating that your phone will be used for taking photos will cause you to be asked how often you take photos. You’re then asked what is important to you in a camera: fast, high quality photos, or an “awesome selfie camera.”

This process then repeats at least two more times. Once you have answered three series of questions the tool will identify at least one match, though you can still continue to add more requirements. Once you pick the “show me phones” option, you’re asked to pick a carrier to further narrow things down.

While the concept is certainly interesting, the results aren’t very surprising. No matter how you answer questions, you’re likely to be shown one of the usual suspects when it comes to recent phones. The LG G4 and recent Samsung devices like the Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy S6 or S6 Edge seemed to show up every time, with the HTC One M9 and others making less frequent appearances.

Once you’ve built up your suggestions, you can narrow down by size, and while plenty of options were available for the medium and large options, choosing small as the size showed less well-known phones like the Kyocera Hydro Vibe and Alcatel OneTouch Evolve 2.

The Which Phone tool may not be perfect, but it’s certainly handy to have one more resource available in your quest for a new phone.

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