Another iPad killer? Microsoft set to launch tablet next week, report says

windows-8-homescreen-2Oh, really? Another iPad killer? Haven’t we heard it all before? Every tablet released these days is touted as a possible killer, but let’s face it, they not only fail to injure the iPad, they barely cause a scratch.

This time the talk surrounds Microsoft. Entertainment blog The Wrap reported on Thursday that according to “an individual with knowledge of the company,” the computer giant is about to unveil a tablet “that will mark its entry into rival Apple’s territory.”

Microsoft is holding a special — and somewhat secretive — event this Monday afternoon in Los Angeles. Indeed, it’s so secret that at the time of writing, no one knows precisely where it will take place, nor has Microsoft given a reason for calling it, though the invite describes it as “a major Microsoft announcement” and one that “you will not want to miss.”

“Rumors have surfaced that Microsoft’s new tablet will run on Windows RT, a version of Windows 8 that uses an ARM microprocessor,” The Wrap said in its report.

It also suggests the tablet will be Microsoft branded and manufactured, rather like its hugely successful Xbox gaming console. Microsoft’s previous attempts at producing a tablet have involved hardware manufacturers such as Samsung and Hewlett-Packard.

Of course, there have been many reports in days gone by suggesting Microsoft is on the verge of launching its own Windows 8 tablet, like this one almost a year ago to the day claiming a Microsoft-branded tablet will be in stores by the end of 2012 — hey, it could still happen.

Coming late into the game is never easy, but if Microsoft does show up next week with a jaw-dropper, a head-turner, or even a potentially injurious neck-twister, then we might finally see the beginning of a real tablet war.

Microsoft’s “unmissable” event kicks off on Monday at 3.30pm PT. And of course, DT will bring you the details just as soon as we have them.