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Apparently Siri has some pretty strange responses up her sleeve

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Now that the first few lucky iPhone 4S owners and testers have had a chance to play with the new device and the phone’s most intriguing new feature (Siri), it appears that the folks over at Apple have imbued Siri with a dry sense of humor and a bit of sarcasm. The hilarity started when Joshua Topolsky over at This is My Next posted these photos and a whole slew of others with Siri’s funny, creepy, or sarcastic responses to Topolsky’s questions. When asked what the meaning of life is, Siri responded with several different answers, including “42” and “I don’t know. But I think there’s an app for that.” 

Ask her where you can find some drugs, and apparently Siri will direct you to local addiction centers, but tell her that you are horny and she will offer up a list of escort services. Those two seem to be conflicting, do they not? We’re curious just how many of these little gems the engineers at Apple and Siri built into the new AI voice-activation technology, and now we’ll have a way to find out because someone has already created a Tumblr page to document all of Siri’s clever responses. Right now, Shit That Siri Says only features Topolsky’s same photos, but we’re guessing that the page will fill up starting tomorrow, when consumer’s get their hands on the iPhone 4S and start asking Siri ridiculous things for fun. 

The good news is that even with these responses from Siri, the software seems to understand users perfectly well. Siri may not know everything, but it seems like she’s got a pretty good handle on all the essentials. We’re not sure this will ever beat the wonderful Damn you, Autocorrect, but we sure like imagining Siri’s voice spitting out these responses in a sarcastic tone. 

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