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Apple offers free repairs for 3rd-gen iPad Air with blank screen issue

Apple launched a free repair program for third-generation iPad Air units due to an issue that results in permanent blank screens.

According to a post on its website, owners of the affected tablet devices may see a brief flicker or flash before the screen goes white permanently. Apple does not explain the cause of the problem or the specific number of iPad Air units that are expected to carry the issue.

Apple said that the blank screen problem affects third-generation iPad Air units that were manufactured between March 2019 and October 2019. If a device with the issue is eligible, Apple or an Authorized Service Provider will perform repairs for free.

Owners of the affected tablets may choose to drop by an Apple Retail Store or an Authorized Service Provider to check if their devices are eligible for the free repair program. Alternatively, owners may call Apple Support to arrange a mail-in service through the Apple Repair Center. However, before sending in their iPad Air, owners are advised to make a backup of their tablet to Apple’s iCloud or on their computer.

Apple also said that the program covers affected iPad Air units for two years after their original retail sale. With the third-generation iPad Air only released in March last year, those who purchased the tablet near its launch still have a full year to avail of the free repair in case they start experiencing the blank screen problem.

Apple’s iPads

Apple has four iPad lines, with the latest editions being the seventh-generation iPad, the fifth-generation iPad Mini, the third-generation iPad Pro, and the third-generation iPad Air, which was a surprise when it was unveiled last year. The iPad Air was thought to have ended with its second generation in 2014, but its third generation was announced alongside the latest iPad Mini.

Apple will reportedly soon add full mouse support for the iPad, as it is said to be developing a keyboard for the tablet with a built-in trackpad. The keyboard, which will be another laptop-associated feature coming to the iPad, may be rolled out alongside a new iPad Pro model later this year.

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