Want a $10,000 app gift card? Be the one to download Apple’s 50 billionth app


The iPhone and iPad App Store is the most vibrant mobile software store around, and as Apple recently posted, its about to hit a major milestone: It’s getting pretty darn close to reaching its 50 billionth app download.

Read that again: 50 billion.

To celebrate, it has set up a live counter of app downloads on its website, which, when we took a look, jumps up 1,000 every two or so seconds. At that rate, it’ll reach fifty billion in no time. But the Cupertino company isn’t just posting a counter, it’s offering a whopping $10,000 reward to whomever downloads the fifty billionth app. Of course, this isn’t going to just be a check you can cash; it will be a $10,000 gift card to the App Store.

That’s a whole heck of a lot of app downloads. We can only imagine just how many years that would take to actually spend.

Apple isn’t stopping there. Those who download the first 50 apps after the landmark will be awarded $500 App Store gift cards. Sure, it’s a far cry from $10,000, but it’ll still go a long way.

There are still a few hundred million more downloads to go, so no need to rush to the store now to try to snag that prize, but if you really want a shot at the grand prize, be  sure to keep checking the counter to see where it’s at. Check the countdown here. Good luck!