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Apple aficionados, these cute pillows are made just for you

Throwboy Kickstarter - The Iconic Pillow Collection

Admirers of all things Apple might like the idea of cuddling up with one of these specially designed pillows as they tap away on their iPhone, iPad, or some other device in their possession that was produced by the tech titan.

Created by Seattle-based startup Throwboy, the “Iconic Pillow Collection” features designs resembling Apple products from yesteryear, namely the Apple II from 1977; the first Macintosh computer from 1984; the iMac G3, released in 1998; the iPod, launched in 2001; and the original iPhone from 2007.

Launched recently on Kickstarter and already funded, the cute-looking pillows feature many of the details found on each of the famous products, including the iPod’s scroll wheel, the G3’s distinctive splashes of blue, and the Macintosh’s 3.5-inch floppy disk slot. Trademark issues, however, prevented the Apple logo from appearing on any of the pillows.

Throwboy designer and founder Roberto Hoyos describes his pillows as “a cuddly tribute to the tech that changed our lives,” and suggests using them as “a cuddly pal, a home decor conversation piece, a collector’s item, or all of the above.”

And no, this isn’t Throwboy’s first effort at producing tech-inspired pillows. Ten years ago, Hoyos had an idea to make a new kind of pillow “that let people express the things they love.” With that in mimd, he set about hand-sewing seven of them in the design of different computer icons as a gift for his girlfriend. When photos of the pillows went viral, Hoyos decided to turn his hobby into a business.

According to Hoyos, the pillows, which measure about 13in x 5in x 13in (33cm x 13cm x 33cm), feature “precision embroidery rather than low-grade printing techniques” and will be manufactured using the same outfit Throwboy’s been working with since 2013.

Assuming the project to launch the Iconic Pillow Collection runs according to plan, a pledge of $39 will bag you a design of your choice for delivery in February 2019. This represents a $21 saving on the expected retail price.

If you do choose to back Throwboy’s Kickstarter effort, you should of course do so with the kind of caution you’d apply to any other crowdfunding project.

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