Apple And Cisco to Share iPhone Trademark

Apple and Cisco have put their feud over rights to use the iPhone name behind them, announcing an agreement which lets both companies use the name on their products throughout the world.

The agreement settles almost two months of limbo for Apple’s much-anticipated iPhone entry into the mobile phone market, which will combine features of a mobile phone, Internet-enabled PDA, and (of course) Apple’s iconic iPod music players. Apple announced the iPhone at Macworld Expo in early January; Cisco immediately filed suit claiming it owned the trademark and its subsidiary Linksys was currently shipping VoIP handsets under the name. Apple called the suit “silly,” but apparently the companies managed to engage in talks, agreeing not once but twice to extend settlement deadlines.

No financial terms of the settlement were mentioned or disclosed; the companies have only said the agreement means each side will dismiss pending legal action against the other over the trademark and “explore opportunities” for interoperability in the areas of security and communications.

Apple’s iPhone is scheduled to be available in June in the U.S. on Cingular; a 4GB version will be priced at $499, while an 8 GB version will cost $599.