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Want to save the planet? Download some of Apple's 'Apps for Earth'

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You can help the environment with a click of a button when you download select apps from Apple’s App Store. As part of a broader environmental push, Apple and the World Wildlife Fund have launched “Apps for Earth,” a new campaign aimed at raising awareness about many of the issues and challenges facing our planet today.

As a part of the campaign, Apple teamed up with 24 developers to build content in their apps related to the WWF’s cause. Not only that, but between April 14-24, 100 percent of the money made by those apps will go straight to the WWF — that includes money made from buying the app itself and money made from the campaign-specific in-app purchases.

Apps for Earth focuses on the funds’s core efforts — conservation of forests, fresh water, oceans, food, wildlife, and raising awareness on climate change.

Apps for Earth

There are a total of 27 apps that are part of the collection, including both games like Angry Birds 2, Candy Crush Soda Saga, Best Friends, and Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes, as well as utility apps like Map My Run.

In fact, Apple’s efforts don’t stop at the App Store. The campaign will have a heavy presence on, coupled with the company’s revamped Environmental page. Apple’s retail stores will have apps related to the campaign on display, and the leaf on the Apple logo at its stores will be green during the campaign.

Implementation for the campaign is different in each app — Enlight, which is a photography app, focused on creating themes and tutorials about nature photography. Star Wars Galaxy, on the other hand, was updated to include a special battle following Ewoks protecting the forests on Endor.

To check out the list of apps that are part of the Apps For Earth campaign, head to the App Store, and start making those in-app purchases! At least until April 24, that is.

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