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Apple’s App Review Guidelines are now in comic-book format

apple comic book screen shot 2016 06 19 at 8 07 39 am
If there’s one thing that Apple understands, it’s that presentation is everything. So when the tech giant released its incredibly complex, extremely technical set of app rules, it decided to do so in a rather unexpected format — as a comic book. If you want to read the App Store Review Guidelines, be prepared for illustrations that reflect influences from DC Comics to Japanese manga. It may still be called the “App Review Guidelines,” but this looks nothing like what you’ve seen before.

The 36-page PDF was created by the storytellers over at Madefire, who are looking to “revolutionize the reading experience” with their digital techniques. In the comic book’s introduction, Apple writes that the guidelines have been updated to “provide a safe experience for users to get apps and a great opportunity for all developers to be successful.” And while the tech company notes that “the guidelines themselves haven’t changed,” it adds that the comic book makes them “better organized and provides more context.”

And of course, they are just generally more fun to read.

While the guidelines certainly look more fun this way, don’t be fooled by the bright colors and splashy pictures. At its core, the guidelines are still as dry and technical as ever. The document still comprises 6,731 words, and if you were confused by Apple’s verbiage before, you’ll still be as confused with the picture book version.

All the same, if nothing else, the comic book represents an attempt by Apple to be perhaps a bit more approachable, and presumably to appeal to a larger user base. The company itself says, “We hope these new guidelines help you sail through the App Review process, and that approvals and rejections are more consistent across the board.”

So if you’re looking for some light reading, maybe skim the pictures of the App Review Guidelines, and call it a day.

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