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Attention developers: Apple to start deleting outdated apps from App Store

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Apple wants to update the App Store a little, so it sent out an email to developers on Thursday notifying them that a new evaluation process will be used to determine which apps are relevant and which are “problematic.” What defines a problematic app? Basically apps that are outdated or “no longer function as intended.”

If a problematic app is found, Apple will notify the developer that the app must be updated with 30 days. If the developer does not meet that deadline, the app will be removed from the App Store completely. Not only that, but apps that crash when they’re opened will be removed from the App Store immediately, doing away with the 30-day process altogether.

“Quality is extremely important to us,” Apple said in its email to developers. “We know that many of you work hard to build innovative apps and update your apps on the App Store with new content and features.”

If you’re using an app that ends up being deleted from the App Store, you’ll still be able to use it, but keep in mind that such apps probably won’t be updated.

Apple has also announced another change designed to improve the overall experience of the App Store. App names can no longer exceed 50 characters — a move designed to prevent developers from manipulating the App Store’s search feature. In other words, you’ll no longer see descriptions of apps in app names.

Both of the changes will go into effect on September 7, so if you know your app is a little outdated, you have a slight head start on redesigning it. Apple fans will also recognize September 7 as the day the company has set for its next major event, where it is widely expected to unveil the next iPhone.

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